Roger Hunt - Fit For Good - IMG_3904

Roger Hunt, Director

What got you into fitness?

I hated sports at school. Even so, I’ve always been reasonably active: walking, gardening, hands-on renovation projects with old buildings. But none of this kept me properly fit and being a writer, sitting in front of a computer for hours on end, didn’t help. Over the years, I realised I needed to do more and that, if I was going to carry on being active and doing all the things I enjoy, I needed to improve my overall fitness. My understanding of the importance of fitness into old age has been reinforced by caring for elderly relatives who have found it hard to cope due to decreasing mobility.

What inspires you?

Early on, it was Elizabeth, my wife, who helped me realise the importance of regular exercise. Now, it’s a simple realisation that exercise makes me feel better. I get more done, I’m more alert, mentally calmer and don’t have the aches and pains I once did after a long walk or a day in the garden.

Top training tip

Don’t give up! Learn to enjoy exercise and the feeling you get afterwards. It might not be instant, but soon you’ll miss it if you haven't managed to do anything. Vary what you do: maybe a Fit For Good session a couple of times a week and gardening, a long walk or a gentle run on other days. Starting each day with a short stretching routine pays dividends.