Free Online Fitness Session

for older adults

Jordan’s session 29 July

This 55-minute workout for men and women over 60 is a recovery session led by Jordan. In fitness, we generally strive to push ourselves and our bodies as hard as possible each session, whether this is by moving faster or lifting heavier weights. While overloading the body is a tried and tested approach to getting stronger and fitter, it puts a considerable amount of stress on the body. That’s why sometimes it’s important to take a step back to focus on the least prioritised aspects of fitness – postural alignment, flexibility and injury prevention, which are equally as important as other fitness components.

The session’s first part is a slow-moving strength workout that focuses on the posture and core, which are usually underdeveloped areas for many individuals. This causes a whole host of problems, from weak and injury-prone lower backs to bad postural alignment. This workout aims to strengthen these areas to increase their function and make them stronger.

Once you have finished this you’ll move on to the main focus of our session – standing yoga. You will be moving through a flow of movements with the aim of increasing strength and mobility through the muscles and joints, which is beneficial for injury prevention and reducing stiffness. You’ll feel great once you have finished this session.

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  1. Audrey on July 30, 2020 at 11:05 am

    Certainly different Jordan! Not sure I would want to that every week! Thank you.

  2. Jordan Burns on July 30, 2020 at 6:18 pm

    No problem Audrey! It’s certainly a different (but important) way to train and won’t be everybody’s cup of tea. Great work for giving it a go though!

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Fit For Good online sessions are a convenient, enjoyable way of improving your fitness and helping to increase your strength, stability and balance.

To make the most of each session:

  • Position your computer, laptop, iPad or phone on a stable surface near where you will be working. If you can get YouTube on your television, that's another option
  • Check the floor where you are exercising is not slippery and that there is nothing you could trip over
  • Wear loose clothing and comfortable trainers or shoes
  • Keep a glass or bottle of water to hand to ensure you stay hydrated
  • Have a chair or other stable object to hold onto if necessary
  • Place your weights - whether they are actual dumbbells, cans of beans, bottles of water or whatever works for you - where you can easily reach them, but won't trip over them
  • Exercise within your comfort zone, pausing the video whenever you need to rest or hydrate
  • Play background music if it helps you relax


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