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Enjoy healthier, happier ageing with Fit For Good

Join our group exercise classes and online fitness sessions for older adults of all ages and abilities

Everyone knows that exercise is essential for living well into old age, but it’s hard to find a way to make it part of daily life. Fit For Good is a convenient, enjoyable way to improve your fitness. Combining a mixture of cardio, strength, core, flexibility and balance exercises, our trainers work with you so you're ready to take on everyday tasks such as getting up and down from a chair, gardening, lifting a kettle, carrying shopping, putting on a sweater and going up and down the stairs.


Enjoy our in-person exercise classes in one of our increasing number of venues.


Participate in our live Zoom exercise sessions in the comfort of your home.


Exercise when convenient with our FREE online sessions in the comfort of your home.

'Loved this session; a nice combination of interesting exercises. Although I still find the balance work very hard.' Annie (80)

'A challenging session, especially with heavier weights, but really worthwhile, well explained and taken at a good pace. Thank you.' Sue (72)

'I joined Mira's online video, the sitting down one! this morning - and finished feeling renewed and reinvigorated! Please thank her! I love her gentle but firm approach!' Jill (84)

'Great session with Rob this morning, really enjoyed it. Keep up the good work.' Pauline (73)

'I enjoy the routines that Jordan does and seeing him on my iPad in front of me makes me determined to carry on to the end of the routine, he really is a star!' Jean (77)

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Our experienced trainers hold the necessary qualifications to work with you to help you get fitter, stronger and ready to take on the everyday.


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