You’re never too old to start exercising

While it may feel that way, research and many inspiring examples show that you are never too old to start exercising. Even if you’ve never worked out before, your body has the same ability to build muscle mass as a world-class athlete! But this doesn’t mean you should start with a marathon. What’s important is…

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Safety first

Starting an exercise programme

You may be exercising regularly and reaping the benefits, but it’s still important to keep safety in mind – and this is even more important if you haven’t been exercising in a while. Here are a few safety tips, both for yourself, and to pass on to others who may be starting an exercise programme:…

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What you need to know about balance

Exercises for older adults

Many Fit For Good exercises are aimed at building strength and general fitness, but the most important exercises for older adults are those which improve balance. Falls and fractures are one of the most common and serious health issues for people over 65, as this age group has the highest risk of falling. Around half…

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Successful goal setting

Setting yourself measurable fitness goals will help keep you motivated – and sharing them with the Fit For Good team will help us to help you achieve them. Rather than weight loss, focus on improving your general fitness. This is likely to prove more satisfying and ultimately more successful.  The NHS guidelines for physical activity for…

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Benefits of aerobic exercise

While most of us won’t be running marathons this year (except our training director Jordan Burns – more on that to follow!), it was encouraging to read this week that even novice runners can cut years off their artery age by taking up running. The BBC reported that this can also reduce the risk of heart…

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