Jordan’s session 7 October 2020

Helping over 60s build strength

Helping over 60s build strength and resilience through slow movement, this 30-minute session is led by Jordan. After a thorough warm up, you’ll work through a series of strength exercises. To keep your muscles under tension for longer, all of these exercises have been slowed down. By doing this, you’ll have the chance to work…

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Jordan’s session 2 September 2020

Led by Jordan, this is a fantastic workout for improving fitness for the over 60s. The 30-minute session will help improve your strength, core control, balance and cardiovascular conditioning. After a thorough warm up, you’ll work through three sets of exercises that focus on different areas of fitness. The first set will help towards improving…

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Jordan’s session 26 August 2020

Short interval training

Using short interval training, Jordan’s 30-minute session helps you work your entire body. Short interval training is rewarding and enjoyable. It’s a manageable way to work through different movements at a high intensity. You won’t be working for very long but you won’t be resting for very long either. Jordan will take you through a…

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Mira’s session 21 August 2020

full-body workout

Led by Mira, this 45-minute session is a full-body workout. It will benefit your balance, overall strength, core and cardio fitness. Mira takes you through a fun warm up. Using a cushion, this encourages a better range of movement and stimulates your coordination. The main workout is split into two circuits of two rounds: –…

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