Jordan’s session 4 November 2020

Exercise session for over 60s

Led by Jordan, this is the perfect exercise session for over 60s who are looking to get stronger. The 30-minute session includes a thorough warm up where you’ll get a chance to practice the exercises in the workout. You’ll move on to a slow moving strength circuit that will help you develop muscular control. By…

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Jordan’s session 28 October 2020

Led by Jordan, this session is for over 60s who are looking for a balanced full body workout. During the 30-minute session, you’ll be performing five different exercises that work five different areas of fitness – a cardiovascular exercise for heart health, a static hold to improve balance, an upper body exercise to improve shoulder…

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Jordan’s session 14 October 2020

Superset fitness workout

This 30-minute session includes a superset fitness workout. It is perfect for over 60s who are looking to improve overall fitness. Jordan takes you through a series of supersets. A superset fitness workout is when one exercise is paired with another and performed in quick succession with minimal rest in between. Supersets are a great…

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Jordan’s session 7 October 2020

Helping over 60s build strength

Helping over 60s build strength and resilience through slow movement, this 30-minute session is led by Jordan. After a thorough warm up, you’ll work through a series of strength exercises. To keep your muscles under tension for longer, all of these exercises have been slowed down. By doing this, you’ll have the chance to work…

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Jordan’s session 30 September 2020

Perfect workout for over 60s

Led by Jordan, this is the perfect workout for over 60s who are looking to improve their general fitness. During the 35-minute session, you’ll be working through a full body circuit that consists of five different exercises. Over the course of three rounds, you’ll perform cardiovascular movements to improve your heart health, speed and stamina.…

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Mira’s session 25 September 2020

Led by Mira, this whole-body workout for over 60s is designed to strengthen your core and upper and lower body. The 30-minute session helps improves endurance and stability. Mira takes you through a short, effective dynamic warm up for muscle activation and joint mobility. Interval-based training follows. It consists of six movements for cardio, core…

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Jordan’s session 16 September 2020

Helping over 60s improve overall fitness

Led by Jordan, this 35-minute session is about helping over 60s improve overall fitness. This is achieved by focusing on muscular strength, core stability and cardiovascular conditioning. The workout contains four exercises that are repeated over the course of 12 minutes. The first exercise is a strength-based exercise. In order to build muscular strength, you’ll…

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Mira’s session 11 September 2020

This complete workout for the over 60s benefits your cardio endurance, core stability and full-body strength. During the 30-minute session, Mira takes you through a quick warm up consisting of joint mobility exercises. This prepares your body for the workout. Cardiovascular endurance, core stability and strength are the focus of this complete workout for the…

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Mira’s session 4 September 2020

A full body, essential fitness workout for the over 60s, this session benefits aerobic health, full body strength, core stability and balance. Led by Mira, the 30-minute session includes a quick warm up. This is an important element. It activates your joints and major muscle groups, gradually increasing your heart rate in preparation for the…

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Mira’s session 28 August 2020

Full body strength workout

Led by Mira, this is a full body strength workout for upper/lower body, core strength, endurance and stability. Designed for over 60s, the 45-minute session starts with a short warm up to stimulate mobility and gentle pulse-raising. It progresses into a strength based workout for upper body strength, lower body strength and core stability. The…

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