Jordan’s session 3 March 2021

Workout for over 60s

Led by Jordan, this session includes a full body workout for over 60s who are looking to build general fitness. In today’s 30-minute session, you’ll be working through five exercises. These work different elements of fitness: upper and lower body strength, cardiovascular fitness, core stability and balance. Combining these helps to build general fitness, preparing…

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Jordan’s session 24 February 2021

30-minute fitness session

Led by Jordan, this 30-minute fitness session is for over 60s who are looking to work on their strength and conditioning. In today’s session, you’ll have the opportunity to challenge yourself using the AMRAP format: ‘As Many Rounds As Possible’. Against a timed clock, you’ll be working through three exercises for a set amount of…

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Jordan’s session 17 February 2021

Cardiovascular conditioning for seniors

This 30-minute session of cardiovascular conditioning for seniors will also help to strengthen your core. Jordan will first lead you through a warm up. You’ll then continue through eight different aerobic movements, where you’ll be working at an intensity that suits you. The benefits of cardiovascular conditioning are endless. Working on your cardio regularly will…

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Jordan’s session 10 February 2021

Over 60s fitness session

Led by Jordan, this is an over 60s fitness session for those looking to work on their lower body strength. During the 30-minute session, you’ll be working through four movements. All work different areas of the lower body. The first is a ‘side leg raise’ to help strengthen the lateral hips and promote better body…

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Jordan’s session 3 February 2021

Rewarding workout for seniors

Led by Jordan, this 30-minute session includes a rewarding workout for seniors who are looking to improve their upper body strength. Our Fit For Good trainers are often told by their clients and class participants that their upper body strength is generally a lot weaker than their lower body strength, and it’s clear to see…

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Jordan’s session 27 January 2021

This 30-minute session includes the perfect workout for seniors who are looking to improve their general fitness. Led by Jordan, you’ll use three movements that work three fitness modalities – strength training, core stability and cardiovascular conditioning. These modalities have a number of benefits. Regular strength training makes you stronger through increased muscle mass. This…

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Jordan’s session 20 January 2021

Led by Jordan, today’s 30-minute session is all about strength building for over 60s. Over the course of the session, you’ll be performing four strength-based exercises that work the entire body. Your aim is to move slowly and with control. Careful consideration of your movement technique will ensure that you’re engaging your muscles correctly. This…

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Jordan’s session 13 January 2021

Fitness after a short break

Perfect for getting back into fitness after a short break, this 30-minute session is ideal for over 60s. For various reasons, we all take breaks from exercise. It might be because we’re too busy in our day-to-day lives or because we’ve earned some much needed time off over Christmas. What we often find is that…

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Jordan’s session 23 December 2020

cardiovascular conditioning for over 60s

Focusing on cardiovascular conditioning for over 60s, this 30-minute session is led by Jordan. The session is simple – you’ll be doing nothing but cardio. In a typical FIT FOR GOOD online session, we combine a number of fitness modalities. This ensures that you get a well-rounded workout and, while we believe that this is…

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Jordan’s session 16 December 2020

Varied workout for over 60s

Led by Jordan, this varied workout for over 60s is a little different from our normal set of movements. The 30-minute session lets you get fit but it’s also fun because you’ll strengthen the body in ways that you’re not used to. Although it’s beneficial to stick to a routine, there is never any harm…

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