Mira’s seated session 15 October 2020

All seated session

This 30-minute all seated session is led by Mira. The full body workout is designed to train your cardio and strength endurance. It’s the perfect way to impove fitness if you’re dealing with injury, limited mobility or balance issues. To encourage better mobility and prepare your joints and muscle groups for the workout, Mira takes…

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Mira’s seated session 8 October 2020

All seated fitness session for older adults

Led by Mira, this 35-minute strength based, all seated fitness session for older adults includes a workout for full body toning. It’s perfect if you’re dealing with injury, limited mobility or balance issues. The all seated fitness session for older adults starts with a warm up for gentle pulse raising. This replicates some of the…

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Jordan’s session 26 August 2020

Short interval training

Using short interval training, Jordan’s 30-minute session helps you work your entire body. Short interval training is rewarding and enjoyable. It’s a manageable way to work through different movements at a high intensity. You won’t be working for very long but you won’t be resting for very long either. Jordan will take you through a…

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Mira’s session 21 August 2020

full-body workout

Led by Mira, this 45-minute session is a full-body workout. It will benefit your balance, overall strength, core and cardio fitness. Mira takes you through a fun warm up. Using a cushion, this encourages a better range of movement and stimulates your coordination. The main workout is split into two circuits of two rounds: –…

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Jordan’s session 19 August 2020

four fitness elements

Combining four fitness elements to create a mixed circuit, this 30-minute workout is Led by Jordan. Over the course of 12 minutes, you’ll be working through four different exercises that will get you moving in different ways at varying intensities: – A functional exercise to reinforce a movement pattern we perform every day, – A…

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Rob’s session 17 August 2020

Training and strengthening the whole body, this fitness session caters for over 60s of all abilities. Personal trainer Rob leads the 45-minute session. It mixes 40 seconds of work with 25 seconds of rest to achieve the maximum benefit. The exercises work the arms, chest, shoulders, core, stomach, lower back and legs. With the emphasis…

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Jordan’s session 12 August 2020


Enhancing muscular control and improving bone mineral density is the aim of this fitness session. It’s all about time under tension and moving extra slowly. Led by Jordan, this 50-minute workout for the over 60s is all about time under tension. By moving slowly the muscles are under tension for longer than normal. This means…

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Mira’s session 31 July 2020

Improve your cardiovascular health, core stability and body strength with this single weight intensive session. The 50-minute, full-body kettlebell workout for fat burning and lean muscle is the perfect exercise for the over 60s. Mira takes you through a warm-up to prepare your body by replicating some of the movements used in the main workout.…

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Jordan’s session 22 July 2020

Led by Jordan, this 50-minute workout contains opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to movement speed. In the first workout, you’ll be moving quickly, performing four cardiovascular exercises over a short timeframe. The difference here is that you’ll be getting double the amount of rest for the amount you are working, giving you…

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Mira’s session 17 July 2020

Led by Mira, this is a 45-minute full-body workout that will benefit your cardiovascular health, full-body strength, posture, balance and flexibility. Mira takes you through a gentle warm-up for mobility and pulse-raising to prepare your body for the main workout. This is followed by a fitness mashup (fusion) – 7 exercises representing all 7 essential…

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